We Didn’t Write This About Shopping Local

26 Aug

With all of the talk going around about shopping local, we thought we would do some web Searching. If we wrote our own article, in our own words, about the importance of local shops, it would seem self serving, wouldn’t it?  So, we scoured the web for information. Actually, it was no work at all as everything came up on the first pages from pretty reputable sources. Let’s get started.

USA Today says: Shopping at small businesses keeps money in your community to help finance schools and other institutions.  You support schools, police and fire departments. When you shop small, the bulk of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local — helping schools, paving streets, keeping you safe. According to the research firm Civic Economics, for every $100 you spend  In a local small business, $68 stays in your community. Continue reading

This had to be said

28 Apr Humanities

I rarely post anything personal. I sincerely want everyone I know to feel comfortable being themselves. But with so much anxiety and strife going on today, I just couldn’t keep quiet anymore. (Safety net: This post will likely be long, so few will read to the end!)

I am hearing mostly hatred when it comes to politics, religion, who’s allowed to a public restroom and so much more. Please, please can we all show a little more respect. Not restraint, as I think passion is what makes change. I would much rather have a passionate discussion with someone then a pleasant passing with someone who doesn’t care about their world. Continue reading

Update on Open House

19 Apr

Well we have some exciting news!

Our upcoming Event is Wednesday, April 20th from 4 – 7 pm at Good World Goods. 6333 E. Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga.

About us: We are a small family owned shop looking to support artists and our community.  Our event will be indoors and out with refreshments. Greg’s Sandwich Works, next door to us, will remain open for the event, so go ahead, bring your family, have dinner and enjoy some beautiful art! We hope you will find a piece that speaks to you – for yourself or as a gift to a very lucky someone. Continue reading

13 Apr




Painter Cindy McCashin’s work, such as this piece of the view before Lookout Mountain, are available at Good World Goods. Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

Good World Goods may be in a new location, but business owner Victoria York is still planning to do what she’s always done: combine her love of local art with her passion for helping nonprofit causes. Continue reading

Save the Date!

25 Mar cindy north shore

front of store  You’re Invited!  Good World Goods, Wednesday, April 20th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Open House Event. Artist show and sale Featuring artists Cindy McCashin and Bonnie Scoggins. Enjoy plenty of snacks and refreshments while you shop and meet several of our artists.

In conjunction with this event, a variety of items will be raffled to support The Human Initiative – A local nonprofit helping the homeless in our community.

cindy north shore

North Shore; Daybreak by Cindy McCashin

Cindy McCashin is a painter creating works from both familiar places in our area and imaginative land and seascapes.

bonnie plate

Pottery by Bonnie Scoggins


Bonnie Scoggins is a local potter creating unique hand sculpted functional art bowls, cups and wall hangings.


More information to come. Fun for the whole family, ample free parking. Save the date, bring a friend and spread the word!

Good World Goods is now located in the Brainerd Hills Center near Wright Jewelers and Greg’s Sandwich Works (formerly Golly Whoppers)

Call for Artists

4 Mar

Call for Artists: Hotrod and Automotive Exhibit, all mediums

Good World Goods seeks local artists specializing in visual art attractive to hot rod and automotive enthusiasts for an upcoming show that will be open to the public. All mediums accepted.

You may enter as many pieces as you like. Please send clear images of work in JPEG  format to goodworldgoods@gmail.com. Include detailed description of each piece submitted and artists background. If you are unable to email your work, please contact us (423-468-4278) for an appointment to drop off works for review.

Exhibit will run beginning April through May. There is no fee to apply.  We will contact you regarding your submission with drop off information and details. There is a $20 fee expected on your drop off day. Commission is 40%.


Apply now. We realize this is of short notice and hope that you may be able to submit your works!

Good World Goods

email: goodworldgoods@gmail.com

Is it ok to admit I’m Happy and Nervous?

31 Jan


Popular store finds new home in East Brainerd

Good World Goods is ready to reopen just down the road from its old location which closed last month following the end of the business’s lease.

The fair trade and local art-centric store will reopen in the Brainerd Hills Center at 6333 East Brainerd Road the first week of February, said owner Victoria York.

“I don’t know if I even have any words for it other than whirlwind,” she said of the sudden move. ” We’re looking forward to the future. I think we can really develop everything that we were and then some, in this space.”

Located just next to Greg’s Sandwich Works, the new location will still have enough space for York to paint furniture and other items in a back workspace, with the shop itself in front.

York said her main concern following the loss of her lease in the former space was to not leave her loyal customer base and local artists for another part of town.

“We like the Brainerd Hills location because it’s not far from our currently established customers,” she said. “We considered a lot of spaces that would have worked well for us, but at the cost of our current customers, many who’ve become dear friends of ours.”

Because most of the larger inventory items were sold at a discount prior to the move, York said she and her husband are working hard to find and rework new pieces for opening week.

“We will still be a mix of fair trade and local,” she said. “But we’re also looking at refining a little bit. As you grow, people tell you what they want, and people have told us what they want. We want to listen and grow, in addition to maintaining our standard stock of items.” 

In particular, York said the store is looking to focus on more functional art pieces, such as painted tables and chairs or hand-painted pottery.

Area artists interested in having their items carried in the store can contact York through the Good World Goods’ Facebook page or via goodworldgoods.com.

“We’re still staying who we are as a business,” York said. “I’m just so thankful that our artists have stuck it out with us.”

3 No-Fail Ways to Choose Your Paint Colors

29 Aug

I found this blog post very useful and just had to share. Hope you all like it too! Thanks Whitney.


Most of my clients come to me for help with choosing paint colors. I’m sharing my no-fail ways that anybody can use.

Source: 3 No-Fail Ways to Choose Your Paint Colors

DIY Design Ideas for You!

7 Aug enhanced-buzz-4676-1382110011-23

At Good World Goods we make a living out of helping people design just the right piece of furniture or, with the help of our designer, Sherra Lewis, design entire rooms. Most of our guests have their own fabulous ideas and, with the help of pinterest or extra time, they are willing to tackle their own projects.

Here are some great ideas I use myself! Hope you find this useful.

enhanced-buzz-8561-1381964240-0   Glad press and seal works great when working in or on small areas. Yes, we do actually have a box at our store. enhanced-buzz-30908-1381963430-2  When painting, be sure to keep a little extra in a small jar (baby food jar works great) for touch ups.

enhanced-buzz-4676-1382110011-23 you don’t need to get a matt and cut it to size. A little caulk works great to keep your rugs in place. Perfect for an entry rug. (Thank you Martha Stewart.)

enhanced-buzz-16165-1382109518-10   242420392412532322alZEhC1kc  Don’t have a linen closet? Keep your towels on a wine rack. It adds color and it’s an easy fix even for an apartment. Years ago I had a very small bath and I purchased a beautiful pottery piece to keep my rolled wash cloths. Yes, I sometimes folded them like roses and no, I don’t have time for that anymore. lol.


I still use lovely pottery in my bath to keep things organized. 20150807_112248

This is a beautiful Bonnie Potter piece I purchased from Good World Goods.


Whether you can’t paint your wall or don’t want to, art is a fabulous way to add personality, color and happiness into any room. Yes, sometimes art can be pricey, but we have a great crew of artists that can work with you on your budget. It’s also fun to go hunting for just the right piece that speaks to you. Here, over-sized art makes a statement. I love it!

Lastly, Think outside of the box.

enhanced-buzz-32379-1378407169-11  Desk at foot of bed.

A sofa table is not just for the sofa and a desk is not just for an office. Desks have made their way into kitchens as a great place for mail or cook book organizing. I think this is a great use for a small home. Kids can do their homework or it makes a great makeup table! (Credit goes to House Beautiful for the design inspiration.)

Now we want to hear from you! Send us your pictures or ideas. Have a question? Let us know. What do you think?

email: GoodWorldGoods@live.com

My Secret (Design) Fetish

6 Aug

Most people can see quite quickly that I love art. All types of art and creativity can make me very happy. But some may not realize my secret passion. Lamps! Vintage lamps, new modern lamps, table lamps and floor lamps!

Everyone has an opinion on lamps “oh I like that one” or “that’s too plain” but after speaking with guests every day, it seems few really have lamps in their home they love. Ok, before you yawn, let me show you a few designs.

Chrome-Modern-Table-Lamp-with-Canvas-Drum-Shade-for-Stunning-Interior-Design-IdeasThis lamp is bold and modern. Pretty classy if you ask me.

This is a picture of a lamp that was made my myself and Tom Swearingen, wood carver. When a lamp can be personalized (titles) it feels great. It becomes ‘yours’.book lamp classic lamp classic and simple is ok with me, but it doesn’t make my heart skip a beat.

Here are two classic styles that denote travel, or a feeling of exploration.

1009812_524744950930233_1257717843_n (2)  classic-traditional-floor-lamp-and-table-lamp-for-living-room

My most recent passion is vintage, vintage, vintage!

vintage lamps

I simply adore these two large amber glass lamps!

But sometimes it’s all about that shade. vintage-world-map-lampshades-for-table-lamp-ideas-and-interior-paint-color-for-home-interior-design-clip-on-lampshades-lampshade-types-how-to-make-a-lampshade-replacement-lampshades-makeDesigner-Table-Lamps-Purple A shade can change the whole mood of a lamp and your room. So next time your out shopping, check out the lamps.

A room isn’t finished without lamps.Even if you have overhead lighting, table lamps are great for accent lighting. I see them as an integral part of design. What do you think?


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